Laundry Symbol Saturday: Do Not Bleach

There are two symbols that indicate you should not bleach an item. Each is a triangle and a large X. If you see either of these symbols on your item’s tag, do not use either chlorine or non-chlorine bleach when laundering.

Posted by Erin on 2021.4.3 12:7

Laundry Symbol Saturday: Tumble Drying

The drying symbol lets you know what tumble drying temperature is best for your item. The tumble drying symbol consists of a circle inside a square. If the symbol has one dot, you may tumble dry the item on low. Two dots indicates the item may be tumble dried on the regular setting.

Posted by Erin on 2021.3.27 0:0

Daybreak Laundry Offers Pick-Up and Delivery Service

We are so pleased to launch our new pick-up and delivery service in Grand Rapids and Walker!

We are now picking up residential and commercial customers’ orders on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and dropping them off on the following Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday.

This service is available for residential customers for an introductory rate of $1.50 per pound with a 14-pound minimum.

Sign up for your preferred pick up and delivery days now!

Posted by Erin on 2021.1.5 14:9