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Daybreak Laundry Offers Pick-Up and Delivery Service

We are so pleased to launch our new pick-up and delivery service in Grand Rapids and Walker!

We are now picking up residential and commercial customers’ orders on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and dropping them off on the following Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday.

This service is available for residential customers for an introductory rate of $1.50 per pound with a 14-pound minimum.

Sign up for your preferred pick up and delivery days now!

Posted by Erin on 2021.1.5 14:9

Laundry Symbol Saturday: Hand Wash

The hand-wash symbol lets you know that extra care needs to be taken when washing the item. Our attendants in Grand Rapids at our coin-operated laundromat location on Lake Michigan Drive in Standale can help you determine how to properly launder items with the hand wash symbol.

Posted by Erin on 2020.11.21 12:57

Daybreak Laundry Favorite Products: mDesign Large Laundry Mesh Wash/Travel Bag

We use the mDesign Large Laundry Mesh Wash/Travel Bag for our delicates, items that are easily tangled, and those that are small enough that they could be easily lost in the wash, dry, fold process.

Washing and drying delicates can be fraught with peril. Did you know that you’re not technically supposed to put bras with under wires in our laundromat’s washers or dryers? Last week, a customer lost a super-cute bra to the dryer. The underwire got stuck in the edge of the drum and the item was ruined. We were lucky it didn’t do damage to the dryer.

We’ve been seeing many customers take advantage of our hot-water, high speed washers to wash tie-back face masks recently. The long ties in masks and in hoodie sweatshirts, etc., can quickly get wrapped around other articles of clothing, making tight, twisted knots that are a pain to untie and that can stretch or even rip the items around which the ties are wrapped.

We find so many tiny socks that have been left behind in our washers and dryers and even simply dropped on the floor in transport.

One way to make sure your delicate clothing items are protected in the wash, that long ties are kept contained and that small items stay together is to use a mesh laundry bag. These mDesign Large Laundry Mesh Wash/Travel Bags are a favorite of ours. The 16x20 inch size keeps items protected and contained, and still allows room for the items to get thoroughly clean and dried You can find these in packs of four on Amazon at the affiliate link below, or buy one at the Daybreak Laundry Pickup & Drop Off counter.

Posted by Erin on 2020.11.21 12:48