Daybreak Laundry Tips & Tricks: Sorting Laundry by Fiber and Fabric Type

The first step in sorting laundry is to sort by fiber and fabric type. Different fibers and fabrics call for one of four types of washing. Check your care labels to see if your items require regular machine washing, permanent-press machine washing, gentle machine washing or hand washing, and sort accordingly.

At Daybreak Laundry in Walker, Michigan, we optimize our Wash, Dry, & Fold laundry service to meet the needs of your individual order. If your drop-off and pick up laundry order contains items that require different washing needs, we have a variety of sorting considerations, including sorting by fiber and fabric type.

Posted by Erin on 2020.11.21 12:48

Laundry Symbol Saturday: Wash Temperature

The washing symbol can give you information on the temperature at which your item should be washed. The washing symbol with one dot means use the washing machine’s cold water cycle. Two dots indicates the warm setting should be used. If you see three dots, you can wash the item on hot.

All of our coin-operated laundry machines at the Walker, Michigan laundromat allow you to select the water temperature at which you wash a load.

If you’re visiting our coin-operated laundromat in Standale, Michigan, feel free to ask our attendants about any laundry symbols you haven’t encountered before.

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